Sunday, August 8, 2010

Introducing Alice, Cheng Ho, Gulliver, and Ponce de Leon

I've made four new bears to add to the project and three bears got their start recently thanks to my friends and family.- GeoBear #4: Cheng Ho: My roommate's friend is taking a trip to China this month with his wife and they are nice enough to take a bear with them.
- GeoBear #5: Ponce de Leon: His ride fell through so now he's hanging out in my closet. Any takers?- GeoBear #6: Alice: My college friend is taking a trip north to Kootney lakes and then to Edmonton. She asked if I could make her a bear to take (of course!) so I made Alice to go with her. She then plans to give Alice to some Canadian friends.
- GeoBear #7: Gulliver: My boyfriend's parents travel to watch his sister play volleyball and they are going to take a bear with them to see cool things and later pass him on when the season ends and they come home.

Before I gave Gulliver to my boyfriend's family I took him with us to their grandmother's birthday/reunion celebration in San Francisco, CA. There he saw the weekend market, went to the Giants v Mets game at AT&T Park and saw the Golden Gate Bridge. The pictures are below. Thanks for tuning in!

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