Thursday, September 10, 2009

Updated Map

I will update this map with the bear's travels. The blue is Odysseus (see post below) and the red is Hermes who is still with me but traveled from Klamath Falls to Portland (350 miles) when I moved last week.

Odysseus's First Log

Odysseus got his start these past few weeks thanks to my friend.

He went from Klamath Falls, OR to Eureka, CA on 8/30/09.

Then from Eureka, CA to Tugman State Park near Lakeside on the Oregon coast on 9/4/09 where he was passed onto some travelers.

So far Odysseus has traveled about 524 miles.

No pictures but more updates to come I hope!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moderator: Bear Updates!

In Grants Pass I found lots and lots of bears at our local Good Will so I'm set for a long while. I've made one more bear, Odysseus (named from Homer's epic poem), to join the other two.

- Odysseus will go out with a friend to find travels at the Oregon Coast in early September.

- Zella is being passed onto some missionaries through a friend to start her adventures soon.

- Hermes is still looking for a start so please let me know if you're traveling any time soon!

Thanks and hopefully we'll have updates soon!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moderator: Ready to go!

Over the past few days I have found two bears that would suit the project and are now ready for hosts. There are pictures and information to right. If you are going anywhere at all and could take one with you please let me know. They will be ready to give away on Monday the 24th since I need to use my sewing machine in Grants Pass before their backpacks will be done.

A little about each bear. Each bear has been named based on suggestions. I've tried to stick with famous travels so in the future you can look forward to Alice (from Alice in Wonderland), Gulliver, and Homer. Each bear has an informational tag on its neck and a backpack sewed on that holds a travel journal and some stamps in case people don't want to/can't use the e-mail system I've set up.

Here is what the tag says, this may help clear up any confusion about the project:

"Hello, my name is Hermes and I am part of Project GeoBear. I am the first bear to be released into the world by Molly of Portland, Oregon with the goal of traveling the world and learning about peoples’ lives. I would appreciate it very much if you would not keep me but host me on your trip and pass me on to another traveler once you reach your destination.

When you take me to a new place please send an e-mail to:

3015 SE 6th Ave.

Portland, OR. 97202

(There are stamps in his backpack)

It's really not too hard and I think it's rather fun. Again, please let me know if you can start a bear for me or if you have any suggestions. You can e-mail me at that address or post to my Facebook/Myspace.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Moderator: So it begins...

I am currently getting a few bears ready to go, including finding people to send them out with and working out simple logistics of the posting here on the site. If you're reading this then that means you saw some of my advertising and it's working. I plan to make a town trip tomorrow for supplies to make travel bags/tags for them. If you're interested in starting a bear's trip for me please let me know as I can get more little bears tomorrow from GoodWill.

I will update tomorrow or the next day and check in often.